Backend Developer/Ops

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San Francisco

Osaro is developing large-scale machine learning products that need to interface with customers’ complex software environments as well as interface with a variety of robotic hardware and sensors. As a backend engineer, your job will be to maintain and develop the software infrastructure to interface with robotic hardware and a variety of sensors, acquire data, run experiments in both simulation and on real physical systems, programmatically store, access, and analyze results, developing dashboards and monitoring tools, and train and reliably deploy machine learning models across cloud based and local resources.


  • BS or MS in Computer Science
  • Programming: Python, C++, scientific computing, knowledge of databases
  • Experience with software development tools, source control, issue tracking, continuous integration, code coverage, linux system administration.


  • Experience building front end tools
  • Experience interfacing with large data sources and pre-processing data
  • Experience with distributed computing environments
  • Experience with parallel computing
  • Experience with ROS
  • Experience coding machine learning algorithms

Osaro is a San Francisco-based startup company applying deep reinforcement learning technology to next-generation robotics applications. The company is backed by some of Silicon Valley’s leading investors, including Peter Thiel, Jerry Yang and Scott Banister. Osaro has an agile team of scientists and experienced machine learning practitioners. The following full-time position is available immediately. All candidates should be willing to move to the SF Bay Area. We do not work with recruiters.

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