Data Scientist and Lab Technician

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San Francisco

Osaro is developing machine learning products that need to interface with customer's complex software environments as well as a variety of robotic hardware and sensors. As a Data Scientist and Lab Tech, you will work with our research engineers to: run experiments on robotic hardware; record data (both manually and programmatically) from a variety of sensor modalities, potentially including simulation (game environments); organize, preprocess, transform, and augment the data; design and track performance metrics for various machine learning models; and analyze this data to assist with our research efforts.

Along the way you’ll participate in R&D discussions for our deep reinforcement and imitation learning systems and products. We are looking for talented, curious, and detail oriented people with excellent computer skills and deep knowledge of statistical learning who enjoy working on unsolved problems and enjoy thinking from first principles.


  • Highly motivated and passionate about machine learning and computer science
  • Some experience working with robots
  • Deep knowledge of different statistical and machine learning approaches and problem domains
  • Hands-on experience applying machine learning to real-world problems
  • Hands-on experience working in a fast-paced environment in Python
  • Hands-on experience writing testable, documented and maintainable code
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Ability to work with raw data sources in a variety of formats
  • Bachelor or Masters degree


  • Experience with distributed computation frameworks
  • Outstanding achievements in “Kaggle like” competitions
  • Proficiency with C/C++ or Java (Scala, Clojure)
  • Experience building visualization tools and generating data
  • Contribution to open source solutions
  • Familiarity with either Spark, R, SAS or Matlab

Osaro is a San Francisco based startup company applying deep reinforcement learning technology to next-generation robotics applications. The company is backed by some of Silicon Valley’s leading investors, including Peter Thiel, Jerry Yang and Scott Banister. Osaro has an agile team of scientists and experienced machine learning practitioners. The following full-time position is available immediately. All candidates should be willing to move to the SF Bay Area.

To apply, please email your CV to