Reinforcement Learning Research Engineer

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San Francisco

We are searching for world-class researchers in reinforcement learning to join our team. We are interested in individuals with broad knowledge and experience in developing and evaluating various RL architectures and algorithms. As a research engineer you will be uniquely positioned in our team to work on large-scale machine intelligence problems and push forward the frontiers of AI technologies. You would collaborate with existing team members with expertise spanning deep learning, computer vision, hardware architecture, robotics and more.


  • Ph.D. in computer science, engineering, or a related field; or advanced degree and equivalent industry experience. (We also consider exceptional applicants with other backgrounds.) 
  • Proven theoretical and practical reinforcement learning experience 
  • Knowledge of common machine learning frameworks 
  • Excellent communication skills and a proven ability to multitask and deliver on challenging software development tasks 
  • The ability to develop and implement complex algorithms efficiently 
  • Experience working independently in a shared machine learning implementation setting 


  • Experience with python, C++, Deep Learning frameworks, GPU optimization 
  • Track record of research excellence (for example, a publication record, etc)

Osaro is a San Francisco based startup company applying deep reinforcement learning technology to next-generation robotics applications. The company is backed by some of Silicon Valley’s leading investors, including Peter Thiel, Jerry Yang and Scott Banister. Osaro has an agile team of scientists and experienced machine learning practitioners. The following full-time position is available immediately. All candidates should be willing to move to the SF Bay Area. We do not work with recruiters.

To apply, please email your CV to