We're Hiring!

OSARO employs a highly diverse team of experts in various fields from more than 15 countries, attracting talent from Planet, Tesla, Samsung, and eBay, and the research labs of top-ranked engineering universities, including MIT, Stanford, UMass, UC Berkeley, University of Michigan, Carnegie Mellon and Cornell. Together, we are enabling next generation automation. Our team is dedicated to building these core values into our products: integrity, responsibility, continuous learning, speed and determination, and kirei, a Japanese word meaning beautiful. We are looking for incredible engineers to join our team and embrace our company values.

OSARO Company Values

  1. Take ownership of what you do

  2. Be direct

  3. Move quickly and persevere

  4. Show Integrity: Do what you say

  5. Focus on continuous learning

  6. Make your work kirei  綺麗/きれい (brilliant, pretty)

In particular, we are seeking people with:

  • Strong programming work experience

  • Broad machine learning and statistical modeling skills

  • Positive attitudes

  • Grit