Fooma 2019 Exhibitions with Denso Wave, Universal Robots Japan, and Omori Machinery

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Donut Picking Denso Wave & Omori

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Noodle Picking with Denso Wave

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Osaro’s Deep Vision API and control software works with a variety of robots, end effectors, sensors, and environment setups. If you’re an integrator or material handler in need of automation solutions, please email us at or submit your information below. Thank you!

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Fooma 2018 with DensoWave & Innotech

Osaro and DENSOWAVE, Unveil New Food Automation Technology at FOOMA JAPAN 2018

Osaro promised in 2016 to create advanced intelligent robotics software solutions for large scale, commercial use cases by applying its proprietary AI technology. Today, Osaro is delivering on that promise by expanding the scope of their deep reinforcement learning platform to the food industry with its latest solution, Osaro FoodPick.

In collaboration with  DENSO Robotics, and in consultation with Innotech Corporation, Osaro is proud to publicly unveil FoodPick, which performs automated food assembly tasks using deep learning and other AI and robotics techniques. This long sought-after solution is now a reality and on display at DENSOWAVE’s booth at FOOMA JAPAN 2018.

“Osaro is excited to show the power and flexibility of our platform to integrate DENSOWAVE for use in food applications,” said Osaro’s CEO Derik Pridmore. “With its competitive labor force and high capital costs, Japan’s food suppliers have been hungry for more advanced automation technologies for a long time, and we are honored to be announcing Osaro’s FoodPick here at FOOMA 2018.”

To drive this development, Osaro has partnered with DENSOWAVE , a producer of automated data capturing products and industrial robots headquartered in Agui, Japan. This collaboration combines DENSO Robotics, and Osaro’s artificial intelligence specifically designed for automating non-uniform food assembly. Osaro’s system has the ability to reduce labor requirements, minimize energy consumption, ensure safety, and maximum returns for the food machine industry. Without sacrificing speed, accuracy, or flexibility, Osaro has successfully achieved a new food system delicate enough to pick and place karaage chicken into a bento box. It is able to consistently assemble non-uniform items in a beautiful manner. 

The Osaro team behind this new software is excited for the opportunity to showcase their work at FOOMA JAPAN 2018, an international food machinery and technology exhibition running from June 12-15 in Tokyo.  Osaro personnel will be available for meetings at DENSO WAVE’s booth: 6T-23 at the Tokyo Big Sight exhibition center. 

Osaro is also pleased to announce the successful deployment of its technologies at Innotech’s Yokohama headquarters, recent deployment earlier this spring marked a milestone in an ongoing partnership between Osaro and the electronics corporation. Osaro plans to continue to work with Innotech to introduce further sophistications to its picking system, including improvements in classifying error instances, 6D picking and enhancing accuracy even with the most challenging goods. Innotech is currently accepting meetings to privately demo Osaro’s technology with companies serious about investing in AI automation, especially in the food assembly and e-commerce logistics sectors.

“Innotech was founded in the 1980s and has seen many technological revolutions since. Our staying power has been generated by investing in groups that are the cutting edge of R&D,” says Yosuke Kaburagi, Director of Robotics Automation Project  at Innotech. “In today’s landscape, that means providing reliable automation products to our end users. We are accomplishing that by teaming up with Osaro, and offering new AI technology that is just now becoming possible.”

About Osaro: 

Osaro is a San Francisco based machine learning company offering integrated perception and control software for industrial scale robotic deployments (ASRS systems, auto manufacturing, food prep, ecommerce, etc). The company’s vision and control software solutions incorporate deep learning, reinforcement learning, sensor fusion, motion planning and other techniques. Osaro is focused on deployable functionality compatible with various robots and sensors. The company’s cloud-based data and GPU infrastructure is designed for the most flexible intelligent picking system on the market. Osaro began deploying its first solution OsaroPick, which integrates with e-commerce automated storage and retrieval systems, in Japan in early 2018.

About Innotech: 

Innotech Corporation is an Electronics Design Service principally engaged in the development and sale of semiconductor related products and electronic components. Its Semiconductor Design segment is involved in the import and sale of electronic design automation (EDA) software. 


DENSOWAVE is a subsidiary of DENSO that focuses on automatic identification & data capture, industrial robots, and industrial controllers for manufacturers. The parent company, DENSO is one of the largest global automotive suppliers of advanced technology, systems and components. 


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~国際食品工業展「FOOMA JAPAN 2018」にデンソーウェーブと共同出展

Osaroは2016年に、自社の人工知能テクノロジーを用いて、大規模商用向けAIロボティクスソリューションを開発すると表明しました。この度、Osaroは、自社の深層強化学習プラットフォームをより深化させ、食品業界向けに最新のソリューション「Osaro FoodPick」をお届けいたします。

Osaroが、株式会社デンソーウェーブ製ロボットとのコラボレーション、およびイノテック株式会社のコンサルティング面での協力を得て、公開する「Osaro FoodPick」は、深層学習や人工知能、ロボット·テクノロジーを用いて、食品製造工程を自動化することができる業界待望のソリューションであり、FOOMA JAPAN2018(国際食品工業展:6月12日~15日 東京ビッグサイト)デンソーウェーブブース(ブース小間番号:6T-23)にて実際にご覧になれます。



Osaro, Inc. CEO Derik Pridmoreコメント

この度、デンソー社のハードウェアを組み合わせた食品向けプラットフォームの力量と柔軟性をお見せできることに胸が高鳴っております。日本の食品製造業者は長らく、競争力は有しながらも高価格な労働力や資金コストという問題があり、より先進的な自動化テクノロジーを渇望しておりました。今回のFOOMA JAPAN2018にて、我々の「Osaro FoodPick」を公開できることを喜ばしく思います。

Osaroの開発チームもこの新しいソリューションをFOOMA JAPAN2018で公開できる機会に胸が躍っています。Osaroのメンバーはデンソーウェーブブースにてお待ちしております。

イノテック株式会社 取締役 鏑木 祥介 コメント


<Osaro, Inc. 概要>

Osaroはサンフランシスコに拠点するAI企業であり、産業用ロボット(自動倉庫システム、製造自動化、食品ラインシステム、Eコマースなど)向けの統合認識·制御ソフトウェアを提供しています。Osaroのビジョン/コントロールソフトウェアは深層学習、強化学習、センサーフュージョン、モーションプランニングその他の技術を融合させたものです。Osaroは、多様なロボットやセンサーと互換性のある機能の開発に注力しています。Osaroのクラウド·データやGPUインフラは最もフレキシブルなインテリジェント·ピッキング·システムとなるべく設計されております。Osaroは2018年初旬に、最初の製品「Osaro Pick」をEコマース向け自動倉庫(ASRS)を対象に販売を開始しました。

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